Blue Monday or blue mood? Exploring depression and how hypnotherapy can help
  Ah, January, allegedly the worst month of the year.   The weather may seem gloomy, the credit card bill extra painful, daylight hours are shorter, and our bodies adjust to the absence of indulgent holiday treats. This amalgamation often results in what feels like one long post-Christmas hangover.   While there are various reasons […]
Six Practical Steps To Calm Anxiety Naturally
  If you find yourself grappling with ongoing stress, pressure, or anxiety, you're likely familiar with the body's fight-or-flight response—a natural reaction to perceived threats that can significantly impact your well-being. In this article in my mini-series on managing anxiety, we'll explore six simple yet highly effective habits designed to help you manage stress and […]
Navigating the Festive Whirl: A Mindful Approach to Christmas Overwhelm
  The season of peace, joy and goodwill. It’s the time of year when streets come alive with festive décor and homes are meant to radiate warmth, love and happiness. However, amidst this picture-perfect scene, many of us find ourselves riding the tumultuous wave of Christmas overwhelm, navigating through a sea of endless to-do lists, […]
Unlocking Confidence: How Hypnotherapy Can Eliminate Social Anxiety For Good
  Social anxiety can cast a shadow over your interactions, making everyday activities like shopping, work or speaking on the phone feel like insurmountable challenges. As the festive season approaches and we are expected to be more sociable – parties, events, visiting relatives – feelings of anxiety can become overwhelming and hiding away from the […]